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Cameraman/ Camera Crew for film productions in Germany

We regularly supply our customers with exactly the right english-speaking camera professionals for broadcasting and corporate productions. Our camera crews (incl. cameraman) are quickly available in northern Germany (e.g. Hamburg, Bremen, Flensburg, Hannover, Kiel, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Rostock, Schwerin). Multivision Film Production has been in the market for over 30 years, producting news-features, commercial spots, image-films, documentary, sport and how to videos.

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Multivision's camera teams
in Germany: what we do

We’ll travel absolutely anywhere for those few magic minutes of reel that turns your film into a sensation on any screen. We’re able to communicate with your protagonists in english and other foreign languages. Our camera crews can blend right into every situation, they make a great impression in wellingtons as well as in full evening gear at the presidents gala.


We are the ones getting those moving images for the world wide market to see, because we are personally moved by those images we shoot: If it's politics, business, sport or glamour, we are always as close as possible to our protagonists. There we're just waiting patiently for that dramatic moment of emotion, because sometimes our cameras can look right into the souls even of battle-hardened VIPs. Our ultimate goal – naturally – are great big pictures for your product.


For calm, well illuminated, perfectly placed interviews with historic persons we can set a stage complete with dollies almost anywhere. But we also throw ourselves right into the mass turmoil of press conferences, always on guard to catch that elusive historic information everybody is here for. Or sometimes just the football results. Multivision Hamburg is your partner!


Meanwhile our producers and assistants at Multivision Film Production in Hamburg are working the background: Organizing transport of equipment and other hardware, ad hoc visas, local permits and work contracts. They can tell you stories about the daily battles against foreign bureaucracies. Even special insurance overnight for offshore camera work in international waters does not really raise an eyebrow here.

The right formate for every medium

Multivision´s camera crews also know everything about formats: You want 4K Film for a grand appearance on the big silver screen? TV-newsreel that could change the world? No problem here, just as with your well-planned industrial video for your product presentation at the fair. PAL or NTSC? Full HD or 4K UHD? We’ve got everything on call right on our premises of Multivision Film Production in Hamburg. Or do you want to watch your spot go viral on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else on the web? We could manage that, in the frame-rate of your choice. Just contact us!

Special camera systems

Some of our camera-operators (Yes, we do have a lot of woman working behind the cameras, too) are well-skilled Steadycam operators. They provide stable images even in hectic surroundings like a rock n roll stage. And they enable camera crews to run after fleeing politicians to get that latest historic statement. We’ve got whole flocks of GoPro cams in our arsenal, that we routinely fasten to every moving object we could lay our hands on: From a child’s trike to a racing camel and a WW1 biplane, those tiny cams are good for wild action footage which is of astonishing quality lately. GoPros have also become indispensable in TV journalism: In-car/in flight interviews or reporting from a moving automobile, what a drag that used to be before those dwarfs appeared on the market! They have revolutionized animal films: GoPros hidden in artificial shit lets us viewers graze in the middle of a flock of dangerous rhinos. For more clandestine surveillance we offer infrared-cameras for poor lighting conditions and a special slow-motion camera that can slice just one second into 25 000 frames.

Flying cameras

Multivision Film Production Hamburg offers you a view from way up high: We’ve got the right camera drone for every purpose. From flying giants with an automatic gyro for a steady camera ride even in windy conditions to mini drones for indoor use. Every drone comes with an officially certified pilot and a fat insurance policy. And if you want something really big for your movie, we can always charter a helicopter with the steadiest Steadycam in the world on board.

Camera crew in action

ENG Crew Hamburg

For fast-moving news about unforeseeable turns of events out in the field , ENG (Electronic News Gathering) is the medium of choice: ENG works with a single camera-person and a reporter combined with a production vehicle for short News-Flashes as well as multi-camera-outfits feeding newsreel into a satellite truck featuring editing and digital sat-broadcasting facilities. Even wireless camera-equipped drones can be spliced into the system for ENG – when the story breaks, a view from above might just prove more useful than any camera-person surrounded by a crowd or other obstacles. For those more complex live-reporting situations, when every second counts, we are prepared for fast and reliable connections between TV-station and reporter avoiding the unnerving delays that plagued live broadcasting in the past.

Politics, sport, culture, war and other catastrophes, Multivision Film Production Hamburg has been covering historic international news-events for more than 30 years – our experienced crews combined with our state-of-the-art-technology might just make the difference for your news-format. Just give us a call and we’ll move into action!

EFP-Crew Hamburg

For your Live-Broadcasting, EFP (Electronic Field Production) offers much more than a ENG Production: It combines the flexibility of ENG by being present right on the spot where the Live-action is unfolding with the production care and control that is usually offered only by a fully equipped television studio. EFP is the ideal medium for sport-events of all sorts, celebrity award shows and red-carpet-affairs such as party-conventions, corporate videos, concerts and state visits etc. Even feature-formats, theater-performances and daily soaps recorded with multiple camera/mixer-setups rely on EFP, offering full control of many digital video effects for the producer/director:

VCRs, Hard Disc Players and Video Servers for instant playback, on-screen statistics and graphic elements all mixed with the live image result in a real gripping high-speed-adventure for your audience. In live sports and show broadcasting, EFP even allows highlight-reel editing in mid-game and picture-inserts with sideline-interviews while the action plays on the big screen. EFP is also the ideal solution for poor lighting conditions in the field since it guarantees live control of all light-sources on the spot. When the occasion dictates the use of maximum focal length cameras (more than 600 mm lenses) for those far-away images like a start of a spaceship etc., producers and commentators can rely on secure information through multiple monitors as well as great sound guaranteed by many microphones feeding into a mixing console for that unique “live atmosphere” that viewers cherish so much.

While ENG is great for a more or less spontaneous coverage of breaking news, EFP needs careful and detailed planning long before the actual recording begins. Multivision Filmproduktion Hamburg has a long history of experience in EFP, so let us cover your event, your audience will benefit from our expertise!

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