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Film production Germany

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Every great film production is always a fusion of a good idea paired with
a well planned, technically feasable realisation. Whether its a commercial spot or a news feature, the idea is to tell a story that reaches the audience’s hearts.
This can be achieved through various ways: Sometimes it’s a matter-of-fact-reel that lasts just a few seconds, but when the occasion arises, we can fill
many minutes with big,colorful images. What do you expect from a film-production commands over what is later to appear on the screens all over the world. So what is your idea? What’s the look of the film already playing inside your head? This is what we will discuss with you during the whole concept-phase until we reach mutual agreement over the best solution for a perfect result. With Multivision Film Production Germany/Hamburg you’ve got one of the most experienced film production companies by your side. We‘ ve been in this business for many years – you can rely on that!



MTV Unplugged Santiano Konzertaufzeichnung

MTV Unplugged Santiano Konzertaufzeichnung

MTV Unplugged Max Raabe & Palastorchester Videoproduktion

MTV Unplugged Max Raabe & Palastorchester Videoproduktion

MTV Unplugged Samy Deluxe Multikamera-Produktion

MTV Unplugged Samy Deluxe Multikamera-Produktion

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Imagefilm

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Imagefilm

Lübeck Air Imagefilm

Lübeck Air Imagefilm

Camera crews

Our team is your team! We are working all over the world for our customers, be it a commercial or ENG/ EFP-Spot.

Complete production

We happen to be perfectionists – we've got what it takes to shoot any movie.
So you can lean back and let us do what we do best...

On set

Camera? Sound? And... action! How we love to hear that. When everybody's
makeup has got the final touch, each one is in the right dress and at the correct position. That's our favorite place on earth – the set.


We might have just the right idea for your product. Or – you've got one and we'll work it out. In any case, the result will be unique – that is what Multivision film production Germany/Hamburg stand for!


We offer state-of-the-art workstations for our cutters to give your product that certain magic touch. HD, 4K and all of this in a room with a view. Over our beautiful Lake Alster.

Sound Recording

„One, two, test, test! A sophisticated sound & text-recording studio is an integral element of our service. Up-to-date digital technology in every speaker's cabinet provides excellent sound-track handling.


Multivision Hamburg

Brilliant ideas that have finally seen the light, last-minute planning of hardware for the set and now it’s „Action!“ With every inch of footage your film comes to life. As a full-service-film&video company, Multivision film production Germany/Hamburg have been organising literally all aspects that are important for success on the set. From cranes to catering, we’ve seen it all during 30 years in the market. And – we would like to do just that for the next 30 years, because film is our passion.


Whether its real wild animals or members of the human zoo, our documentarys cover anything on the planet. The world is full of wonderful images and we provide the camera-person that freezes them for eternity. Our staff at Multivision Hamburg carefully processes the valuable footage through editing and post-production so no information gets lost. And so the world can watch from their collective sofas what a fantastic planet we live on. Come on, catch your own magic moment in history on film!


News-features are our daily bread: Multivision Hamburg’s staff is fast and dependable in support of your author. Our camera operators are always as close to the action and protagonists as humanly possible. Always with one eye for the camera, the other one scanning the surrounding for the next sensation to happen. And when we are waiting for that emotional moment on the faces, our cameras can – sometimes – get a rare glimpse into the soul of our protagonists. Close-up reporting, that’s we do best, give us a call for your next feature that just might change the world a little bit!


Our camera-crews can erect a stage for a calm, well-illuminated interview almost everywhere in less than an hour. But we have also conducted decisive interviews while running down the street behind fleeing politicians. So – for important in-depth-interviews like our world-exclusive „Snowden in Russia“(ARD), or the famous „Vladivostok Talks“ with Putin, also an ARD exclusive, Multivision Hamburg has shown precision and grace under pressure.
So we’re the experienced professionals, just let us conduct your next interview with an historic person of your choice, we’ll all be wiser afterwards.

Corporate Video

Here is your chance to show what you are doing and why you are doing it in high-gloss impressive pictures. To a world audience full of potential customers, partners and shareholders.
That`s what our Corporate Image Videoes can do for you to blow a gust of fresh air into your company, institute or product. Multivision Hamburg image-clips can transfer your vision and passion via any medium you like.
Or – maybe things have changed drastically inside your institution and you want the public to be positivley informed about your own revolution: Just let our Corporate Image Video do the job for you. Give us a call and we’ll produce solid results.

Here is how we'll work with you:

1. First steps

A personal first meeting is the key-element of any production: We’d like to fully understand your business bevor we can offer solutions for your special product, event to be covered or idea in search of an audience. Together we’ll  produce a detailed plan on what type of screen your film will be running on to reach exactly the audience you are trying to adress: We’ll  discuss not only the rational side of the production, but also all emotional aspects that the film strives to achive.

2. Creation

When we have exchanged and agreed upon all basic information and common goals, we are finally getting creative: From brainstorm to plot, the plot grows up into a concept which turns into a storyboard. We’ll be in close touch with our customers and will take him/her along every  step of the process until everything fits together and production planning can turn their attention to hardware…

3. Production

Depending on the nature of the project, there is still some homework to be done before the actual shooting can start: Actors and/or voices need to be casted, locations to be looked at. Special effects have to be carefully orchestrated and trained before the big day. At this crucial stage of production our expertise in organisation and craftmanship really pays off.

4. Post-Production

In post-production the film begins to acquire a face and personality: Footage, sound, music and special effects are carefully blended according to the storyboard. After final adjustments, color-matching, finalising and play-out, your film is ready to face the world.

5. Publishing

Everybody is looking forward to the big day: We are going public! The final version of your product is – of course – specially taylored for your medium of choice: Whether you want 4K-Film for a grand appearence on the silver screen, a TV – broadcast sensation, a video for your presentation at an industrial fair or if it’s just a clip destined to go viral on YouTube or Facebook: We know all the formats.

Camera crew

You need an experienced camera crew (e.g. ENG/EFP-Teams), producers or location arrangements in Germany? No Problem! Our english-speaking crew know everything about broadcasting-standards as well as film- and video-formats (EBU) like PAL or NTSC, Full-HD or 4K/UHD. We look forward to working with you!


Our 35 square-meter studio features all basic appliances for green/bluescreen/flat-black background projection, packshots, castings, quizz-shows or other festivities that need a lot of space to happen properly. So for every occasion you’ve got all neccessary equipment available on site for your project in Germany.

Text-recording studios for rent

You’ve got something important to say while in Germany? Just say it right here. We rent out our sound-recording facilities that feature well-insulated speakers-cabins. Right here at our place in the heart of Hamburg. Of course, Multivision filmproduction Germany/Hamburg do have english native speakers among our staff.

Cutting footage

Our workstations offer not just an impressive view over Lake Alster,  they all meet EBU-norm, instant upload and playout is a no-problem operation. All that and more right in the middle of  the City, not far away from Hamburg Messe Fair. Most of the really important events are happening just a stone-throw from our premises, Hamburg main station is just a five-minute-walk from our front door. And, yes ,of course you can book just the workplace and provide for your own cutter.

Benefit from our special equipment

Multivison film production Germany/Hamburg can also help you with our special equipment: We can lay down a couple of dollies on almost every terrain, some of our camera-persons (Yes, we are proud to have a lot of women working behind the camera) are also specially skilled Steadycam-operators or certified pilots of drone – based camera systems. We have whole swarms of Gopro minicams that we routinely fasten to every moving object from skateboards to elephants or jet-planes. Gopros are a must for interviews inside a driving car etc… and Multivison film production Germany/Hamburg has got it all in its arsenal.